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Futureminds 11
We have published a, short, special edition of Futureminds, to explain why the Live event failed to take place and to ask readers to take part in a short survey to help us develop future live events.

There are also articles on end of term arrangements, some updates from HSE and outlines of some of our latest documents.

To take part in the survey click HERE
Futureminds Live

Its almost here! June 22nd, The Fielder Centre, Hatfield, Herts.

This event will bring together our contributors and exhibitors to provide an inspiring and interesting day of activities and talks, to re-ignite your passion for D&T and Art and Design.

For the programme and to purchase tickets goto:

The summer edition of Futureminds is planned to be a programme for the event, so look out for that in May.

Futureminds 10 (spring 2019)

The spring edition of Futureminds is now online. It contains information about some of the exhibitors and presenters that are taking part in our Futureminds Live event in June.

There are also articles about:

  • the latest 3D printing guidance,
  • RPE,
  • chemical spillage control,
  • Daves allotment,
  • speed breeding,
  • Chefs back to school, and
  • vocational qualifications. 

The smallprint contains the latest updates about soldering and welding fumes.

Get your tickets for Futureminds Live from our Eventbrite page. 

Futurminds Live 2019
On June 22nd we will be hosting Futureminds Live at The Fielder Centre, Hatfield, AL10 9DP.

This will be an opportunity to engage with inspirational and exciting presenters, exhibitors and workshops. A chance to re-ignite your passion for D&T and Art and Design. 

Tickets are available from the Futureminds Live evenbrite page, more information can be found on the Futureminds pages, follow us on twitter @cleapss_dt and look out for the spring 2019 edition of Futureminds, Facebook page and email alerts. 

The new guidance, endorsed by HSE, about the use of 3D printers is made publicly available via our site: 3D-printing-in-schools-and-colleges-managing-the-risks.
Futureminds 09 (autumn 2018)
The Autumn edition of Futureminds is now online. It’s the biggest edition yet, with articles about:
  • Mobile kitchens in primary classrooms
  • Painting a mural
  • Working with power tools
  • Collaborative D&T projects to make a penny whistle
  • Drone racing
  • Careers in textiles
  • Resources for food teaching

And lots of other news, including the 'small print' which has some H&S information about pressure vessels and COSHH, as well as our technician job service.

Futureminds 08 (summer 2018)
This summer 2018 edition has articles about drones from Airgineers and Skillsupply, 3D printing from Learnbylayers, the future of textiles from the Textiles Academy, food science from the Food Teachers Centre and the Institute of Food Science and Technology, how to make stuff and save money from TechSoft and some H&S tips from our small print.
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