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Futureminds 7
The spring 2018 edition of Futureminds is now available.There are a wide range of interesting articles and some advice on H&S in the small print section.Read about how to manage the NEA in the new GCSE, some developments in textiles and food training, a report from a technician about CPD and updates about Art and Design support.
New Ceramics Document
We have recently published a new document collecting together and updating our advice regarding the use of ceramics in school:GL245 Ceramics in school
This contains:
  • Hazards and Risks
  • Glazes
  • Clays
  • Kilns
  • Outdoor Kilns
  • Ceramics Machines and Equipment
  • Hand tools and other Equipment
Schools where ceramics is part of the curriculum, in D&T or Art and Design, should be aware of the latest guidance, contained in this new publication.
Latest FutureMinds
The summer term copy of FutureMinds is now available from the website tab above. It has a number of interesting articles from a range authors:
  • Robots in the curriculum
  • Techsoft talks about Finite Element Analysis
  • Non-specialist Food Teachers support
  • Preparing for the new D&T GCSE
  • GoPrint 3D give examples of projects using new technologies
  • Foodoppi an Irish, online food resource
  • Landrover 4x4 competition
  • Material technology - metal coatings
  • Top tips for the new GCSE
  • The Smallprint 
3D Printing ideas
The current Design and Technology national curriculum includes the topic of 'new and emerging technologies'. The breadth of hardware and support available to meet this area is vast. From programmable components to 3D printing, students have never had it so good.For our students to compete in the ever-growing global economy, we must prepare them for jobs that possibly don't exist yet. The only way we can ensure that students achieve a worldclass education is by exposing them to the latest innovations such as 3D printing.

For more on 3D printing see this term's FutureMinds.
What is a STEM Club?
STEM clubs offer a powerful way to engage you students with science, design and technology, computing, engineering and mathematics (STEM). They can be an opportunity to go beyond the curriculum and explore exciting ideas and technology, and give students a chance to build up 'soft' skills such as communicating effectively, teamwork and confidence. But more importantly they are fun!

For more on STEM clubs and some ideas to get you started see this term's FutureMinds.
Greenpower Racing Challenge
On Tuesday 22nd March the Greenpower Education Trust announced the award of a grant in the region of £150,000 for a special programme in the Humber region: Project Blyth.The funding, from the Careers & Enterprise Company, will enable the creation of 33 high school teams in the area over the next 18 months, culminating in a race in Hull in the summer of 2017. Each team will design, build and race an Electric single seat race car and will be twinned with a local company, providing over 600 participating students (50% female participation) with real-life work place inspiration – the main focus of the Fund.

For more information see the Summer 2016 issue of FutureMinds
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