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The clock project is a popular activity in secondary D&T, allowing for a level of creativity in the design of the face or stand, whilst using a bought in movement.

Faces or stands are usually made from sheet material, which are then shaped and painted or finished to achieve the chosen design.

Y8 clock using multi materials
CD packaging
Graphic products often involve creating a package for an item. This project covers the activity of making a CD cover using card, printed with a design and cut and folded.

Packaging for a CD
3D printing
Additive manufacturing is a popular activity in schools, with the advent of relatively cheap 3D printers.

This project covers the use of a desktop 3D printer, using PLA filament, extruded through a heated nozzle.

The same safety considerations should be borne in mind when using other 3D printers, or rapid prototyping machines.
Making items using a 3D printer
Painting and drawing
Producing a piece of artwork, such as a painting or drawing should still have an associated risk assessment. The materials below cover the practice of producing a painting or drawing, but also some other things that should be taken into account, such as the mounting of the image on a board.
A triptych of a sketch, painting and pastels