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Futureminds 27 (summer 2024)
The latest edition of Futureminds is a bumper copy!
Lots of interesting articles from our valued contributors:
  • The big D&T meet
  • Problem solving
  • Tinkercad
  • Rope Mussels
  • The D&T days gone by museum
  • PATT40
  • Textile art
  • Social action projects
  • Curriculum questions
  • Visual resources
  • Oak National Academy

And the usual updates from CLEAPSS and the smallprint with advice on H&S.
View the latest edition here.
Futureminds 26 (spring 2024)
The latest edition of Futureminds is a special one..
We have pulled together a range of articles from the world of AI.
To access the magazine, click here
There is the CLEAPSS introduction, and the small print, but there are also articles about:
  • AI a thought piece
  • Designing learning opportunities with AI
  • Embracing AI in education
  • AI integration case studies
  • AI in food education
  • Exploring architecture through AI
  • The Oak academy work on AI
  • AI and CAD
  • Immersive learning spaces
If you have any questions, or would be interested in providing articles for future editions, please email 
Autumn 2023 Futureminds
We are pleased to announce that the latest edition of Futureminds is now live.
To see the latest edition click here.
  • There are articles about:
  • The V&A Innovate project
  • Using Lego for serious play
  • Teaching D&T in a PRU
  • Card modelling
  • Vegan skills training for food teachers
  • Why to choose D&T in options
  • The NSEAD Big Landscape project
  • Safety with 3D printers
  • And our usual updates and small print

If you have any comments, or would be interested in providing articles in future editions, please contact 

Summer 2023 Futureminds
The latest edition of Futureminds is now online only. The digital version has been developed to increase the flexibility of the format, so that we can include video, audio and other interactive aspects. 
To see the latest edition click HERE
There are articles about:
  • Clean workshops
  • AI
  • OCR subject forum
  • Design for SDGs
  • Ceramics
  • Raising the profile of food in school
  • And our small print section with some of the latest H&S updates.
As always, if you have any comments or would like to provide articles in the future, please contact 
Spring 2023 Futureminds
The latest edition of Futureminds, the 'sustainability' edition is now live. There are two formats, the PDF can be found here, and the digital version can be found here.
The digital version has additional material, including video. The articles cover:
  • Flexible solutions and the use of trolleys in D&T
  • Sustainable design education
  • Neston High School Makerspace
  • Pallets in schools
  • Textiles action for a sustainable future
  • Acrylic benders
  • Affordable food lessons for all
  • Teaching primary food and nutrition
  • And, the small print
Once again, we are inviting readers to feedback on both versions, by emailing 

Futureminds 22 (autumn 2022)

The latest edition of Futureminds, is live.
It is a bit different this term with the usual CLEAPSS news and small print and H&S advice, but it also carries articles about:

  • Work experience placement
  • The D&T book club
  • Apprenticeships
  • Using critiquing in A Level
  • Going digital to move away from paper booklets
  • Curriculum design
  • Interview with a Chef
  • Specialist furniture and equipment

There is also a digital version, which has all the above articles, but also has video and other resources. Digital Version
Readers are invited to feedback about both versions and to suggest improvements or changes they think would provide improvements for future editions.

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