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We have moved

Over the past few weeks we have moved into our new offices in Chesham.

As you can imagine, its been a lot of work, which has caused some reduced capacity at times, but we can now report that operationally we are settled in and starting to get to grips with the increased facilities.

Our address has changed:

Units 5 & 6 Chiltern Court,
Asheridge Road,

Our phone number remains the same 01895 251496

CLEAPSS is moving

We will be moving to our new offices during the 2 weeks beginning 14th March and 21st March.

Please continue to use the Helpline, the phone number will remain the same, during and after the move.

We will have reduced capacity during this time.

Thank you for bearing with us.

Futureminds 20 Spring 2022

The latest edition of Futureminds is available from the tab above.

As usual it is full of interesting articles, including, a description of how to write assessment materials, the use of exercise books in D&T, the 555 timer at 50, Scalextric4Schools, the Design Ventura challenge, the success of Facebook support, and a guide to LEV testing.

There is also the smallprint and a novel way of finding out about history.

This milestone edition sits alongside the previous editions, where you will find hundreds of useful articles from a wide range of contributors

Udates following BS4163:2021

Over the past two years we have been working with BSi to update the British Standard; Health and safety for design and technology in educational and similar establishments — Code of practice.

Some of our guidance has been updated to match the new Standard. These are listed under the 'What's New' section under each of the tabs above.

You will see there have been a number of new MRATs written, and others have been updated, if you wish to check, take a look at the Index

Online Training

Over the past few months we have put together an online, unmediated self-study course consisting of 5 video presentations interspersed with some exercises.

As it is a trial the course is free of charge to members.

Your feedback is important as it will help with the development of this and other online courses, so please leave feedback when prompted at the end of the course.

For further details click here

After completing the course you may wish to sign up to our follow-on live online H&S session

Futureminds 17

The latest edition of Futureminds is now available.

This has some interesting articles and a page from Teresa Kennedy of the Tyler University in Texas, inviting UK schools to take part in a COVID-19 engineering challenge.

There is also information about our latest work at CLEAPSS, including how to use QR codes to support your work in D&T and Food.

You can also access our past editions on the website, where you will find hundreds of useful articles from external contributors. 

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