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Hasselback potatoes
Hasselback potatoes are sliced baked potatoes, the advantge being the time taken to cook, much less than a traditional baked potato.

The potatoes are washed, sliced, oiled and salted, then baked for 30-40 minutes.

An alternative method using a microwave can cut cooking time further.
Sliced baked potatoes
Fruit Salad
Making a fruit salad can be useful to improve knife skills. The same practical skills are an essential part of working with food.

To extend this further the fruit could be part of a more complex dish, or the fruit could be swapped for vegetables as ingredients for soup or other recipes.
Chopped fruit
GL051 Air Quality Indicator

This document is a guide to making a portable device which can be used to monitor the air, in terms of PM2.5.

These tiny particles can come from a variety of sources and could be harmful. This device will indicate when the relative number of particulates in the air is high.  It could be used to monitor the air in a workshop.

image of device
GL051A files for Air Quality Indicator

To be used with GL051:

This zip file contains AQM01, AQM02 and Airqualityindicator.ini

open indictaor